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We can make more than ends meet.

We’re tired of the rich rigging the rules in their favor. It’s time they pay what they owe us so we can fund the New York we deserve. New York wants to Tax the Rich.

How we got here

We make our state wealthy

Our exhausting jobs and hard-earned dollars are the cornerstone of the state’s wealth.

The rich rig the rules

The greedy few control the wealth we create and make our lives unaffordable. They use their power to keep quality housing, healthcare, education, transportation, and more out of our hands.

We can have more

We win essential services for ordinary New Yorkers by taxing the rich and their corporations.

statue of liberty

A New York we deserve

We can fund New York with:

Housing Security

Universal Childcare

New Deal for CUNY & Free SUNY

Green New Deal for New York

Mass Public Transit

We’ve taxed the rich before

In 2021, we reclaimed $4.3 billion from the rich and funded:

Excluded Workers’ Fund

Emergency Rental Assistance

Relief for undocumented workers who were excluded from federal relief programs and lost work – the first program of it’s kind in the country

Support for renters facing eviction during the pandemic

Public Schools

Small Businesses

Three-year full phase-in of the funding owed to New York’s high-needs public schools

Relief for small businesses, restaurants, and nonprofit arts programs

Contact your legislators and tell them to Tax the Rich